About Me


One of my pet chickens – Truffles

Why Books & Crooks?

1.) Books are amazing and I love reading them.

2.) I’m a fan of murder mysteries and ‘Crooks’ rhymes with ‘Books’.

What It’s All About

1.) Book reviews covering a variety of genres, but mostly mystery and romance.

2.) Discussions about movie adaptions, what the author could have done differently, book recommendations, character theories, and whatever else comes to mind.

3.) Sharing my hobbies – DIY crafts, Asian dramas, etc.

4.) Accepting books for review.

5.) Fangirling with fellow bloggers and readers.

A Little More About Me

1.) My name is Megan and I’m 24-years-old.

2.) I have an AS degree in Criminal Justice.

3.) I’m an English: Creative Writing Major.

4.) I’m an aspiring author.

To The Person Reading This

1.) Thank you for checking out my blog! I hope you enjoy it!

2.) My blog is an open forum – feel free to comment, make critiques, challenge my opinions, or offer recommendations.

3.) Follow my blog on WordPress or via e-mail.

4.) Read until your eyes bleed (Not literally. That would be bad).

More Of Me

Goodreads: Megan S.

MyDramaList: Camogirl217