About Me

DSC_0530_edited-1(This is Truffles, one of my pet chickens)

Books and Crooks

Books and Crooks is a blog dedicated to book reviews, with the occasional smattering of other things. I’m a huge fan of murder mysteries, which will be the bulk of my reviews, but I also read romance, fantasy, YA (Young Adult), and general fiction.

  • I’ll also post discussions about movie adaptions, book recommendations, character theories, and whatever else comes to mind.

Reading is my favorite hobby, but watching Asian dramas is a close second. I’ll try to keep these posts to a minimum, though, since this is a book review blog. That, and I would be so tempted to analysis each and every episode and rant about characters I hate.

  • Fun fact: many Asian dramas and movies are based on books and short stories. Some were even posted online by amateur writers and weren’t officially published.

A Little About Me

My name is Megan and I’m a Creative Writing student in college. I hope to one day be a published author, so reading a variety of books is both research and fun. I also have an AS degree in Criminal Justice, which inspired the “Crooks” of Books and Crooks.

My Readers

Thank you for checking out my blog! I hope you enjoy it! My blog is an open forum – feel free to comment, make critiques, challenge my opinions, or offer recommendations.

More Of Me

Goodreads: Megan S.

MyDramaList: Camogirl217

just joined Netgalley, but I’ll include that once I get things going.