About Me

My name’s Megan and nothing can escape from my harsh criticism. Movies, books, TV shows, Asian dramas – no matter the media, I’ll be bursting with opinions.

Like a chicken hunting through the dirt for worms, I’ll hone in on the slightest wiggle of a plot hole.

Characters will be mercilessly screened for likability, their clothes patted down as they pass through the x-ray machine known as Megan.

Plots will be examined as closely as a CrossFit junky inspecting the gym’s new equipment.

Now, under the watchful eye of Truffles, our almighty chicken overload pictured above, let us begin!

Books and Crooks

Welcome to Books and Crooks, a blog dedicated to book reviews and the occasional smattering of other things. I’m a huge fan of murder mysteries (hence the name), which will be the bulk of my reviews, but I also read romance, fantasy, YA (Young Adult), and more. I’ll also be posting discussions about movie adaptions, book recommendations, character theories, and whatever else comes to mind.

Reading is my favorite hobby, but watching Asian dramas is a close second. I’ll try to keep these posts to a minimum, though, since this is a book review blog.

A Little More About Me

As I’m sure you can tell by reading the intro, I’m a creative writing student and aspiring author. I tend to look at things from a writer’s perspective, which means my reviews can be long-winded, thorough, and unintentionally harsh. I live in Florida with my family, four chickens, and a Schnoodle named Sophie.

My Readers

Books and Crooks is a haven for bibliophiles and literary nerds. It’s an open forum – feel free to comment, make critiques, challenge my opinions, offer recommendations, or gush about old favorites. If you like what you see, please subscribe!