10 Types of Male Love Interests in Fiction

After reading so many romantic novels, I’ve noticed a trend. Without mentioning the awkward close-up picture of his admittedly nice abs on the cover, the male love interest always seems to fall under one of ten categories. I’m not complaining; I read these books for the purpose of swooning over dreamy men. But sometimes I’d like to see something a little different, you know?

Without further ado, here are 10 Types of Male Love Interests in Fiction:

1.) Former or Current Military

With the muscles of a god and a wide array of skills, the Military Man (MM for short) is always swoon-worthy material. MM is almost always involved in classified government work and can’t give you any details, but don’t worry! As it turns out, you have a price on your head for some reason or another and it’s now MM’s responsibility to keep you alive. In his mind, this is his most difficult mission yet. How can he concentrate when you’re so damn sexy.

2.) Cop/Detective

A small-town police officer who is assigned to a crime related to our lovely protagonist, a feisty woman determined to solve the case with or without his help. He’ll have to struggle between his sworn duty as a public servant and his desire to protect a particularly stubborn citizen. The fact that you’re beautiful, intelligent, and almost supernaturally skilled at uncovering evidence only adds to that desire.

3.) Former Criminal Turned Somewhat Good Guy

After the tragic death of his girlfriend, best friend, or parent(s), our criminal decides that it’s time to live a better life. For the next few years, he does well at his job and gets his own place. And then he meets you. You, the beautiful distraction who accidentally stumbles across a crime and whose life is now in danger. A close friend or relative is probably involved, so you’ll stubbornly refuse to leave things alone. Our criminal will have to return to his old ways and seek out old friends in order to save you.

4.) Childhood Best Friend

Growing up, Best Friend was always at your side. He was your everything. But one day he and his family move away. While he’s gone, you have several disastrous relationships and your career is shaky at best. You’re beginning to think life can’t get any worse and that’s when he suddenly arrives back in town. You’re stunned to see that he’s grown into the kind of man that turns heads wherever he goes. The question is: has his personality changed as well?

5.) First Love Returns with Kids in Tow

Just like Best Friend, First Love suddenly returns to your hometown and all the old feelings you thought you’d forgotten come rushing back. You avoid him, of course, because you don’t need to be distracted from your work, but he seeks you out. See, his marriage ended either in divorce or death and he wants his kids to grow up as happily as he did. You can’t say no and now you have a family of your very own. On the other hand, the ex-wife could be downright crazy and you have to protect the kids from her and her cronies. Either way, First Love’s back! Yay!

6.) The Literal Demon

Your ordinary, boring life is turned upside when you meet a tall, dark stranger with strange tattoos. In a strange series of events, he uses his powers to save you and is so impressed with you that he decides to make you his. The fact that you don’t necessarily agree with this is totally ignored. This overly-possessive, borderline abusive relationship is brought to the attention of other demons, all of whom want you for themselves. Naturally, you’ll also discover that you’re actually part demon yourself and your hibernating powers are ready to be unleashed!

7.) Boy of your Dreams Turns out to be Royalty

Dream Boys are common in historical and fantasy genres. Our heroine is poor, either an orphan or just a dispensable daughter, and has a skill that sets her apart from other girls. Sometimes she’s sold, sometimes it’s peer concidence, but our Heroine meets Dream Boy and they fall madly in love. After his identity is revealed, they travel to meet his family and Heroine must fight for their approval.

8.) The Supernatural Beast

Very similiar to the Demon in that he has supernatural powers, a strange appearance, and a haughty attitude. The girl is ordinary to other humans, but absolutely irresitable to members of the supernatural community. She soon discovers that her new beastly family is the best thing that’s ever happened to her. She finally has a home.

9.) The Billionaire

With an endless stream of money and the emotional range of a cat, the Billionaire doesn’t understand how a healthy relationship works. He tries to buy her affections and is bewildered when she refuses his gifts. While angry with her rejection, he’s also too stubborn to let her escape. Her friends and family try to convince her to leave such an emotionally abusive relationship, but something about him is just too irrestiable (hint: she sees his real personality beneath that prickly exterior).

10.) The Sex-Crazed Maniac

The book summary makes the book sound interesting, so you buy it. When the protagonist meets the Maniac, they have a one-night-stand. Okay, that’s understanble enough. But then you notice an annoying trend: every scene is a sex scene. There is no story and you just wasted your money. Cue a rage-filled temper tantrum.


  • Have I missed any types of men?
  • Do any books/movies/tv shows come to mind? What category do they fall under?